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The Google Chromecast is one of the most useful devices ever created by the Mountain View company shouldn't be any secret to anyone at this point. Of course, like the vast majority of electronic devices and products, Chromecast is not trouble free .In most cases, Google Chromecast operation issues such as content delivery failures or connection crashes can be easily fixed.

In others, however, you may have to find a somewhat more drastic solution, which involves resetting the device's factory data to start from scratch, and thus solve any type of bug that prevents you from using Chromecast as usual.Whichever type of Chromecast you have - first, second or third generation , including Chromecast 4K - the steps to restore the data are exactly the same.

The only difference lies in the location of the physical reset button that all models in this family have.With this in mind, the fastest way to restore data from a Google Chromecast is by long pressing - about 25 seconds - on the device button , until the LED remains fixed and the TV image disappears to start to the device reset and reset sequence.But there is another way to reset any Google Chromecast Apps Android, which does not require access to the physical button of the device.

For this, the only thing necessary is to have an Android mobile connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Chromecast, and the Google Home application installed .

Once the requirements have been met, the steps to follow to restore the factory data of Google Chromecast and thus solve possible problems are the following:Open the Google Home app on the Android device.Go to the "Account" tab located on the far right of the lower shortcut bar.Access the "Local devices" section.Select the Chromecast device and, once inside, click on the gear icon to access the settings.